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The event has been at long last awaiting to end patiently, Kechi The Hedgehog is a parallel being known as a furrian who makes her parallel to Sonic The Hedgehog as he is a mobian. Kechi possesses Dark Control after running into Mephiles that ended up in her world. She can run fast too unlike Sonic, but only as a major dodge and attack. She is 17, and loves to pummel enemies with her trusted allies that may relate to some of Sonic's friends in animal appearance, Like Nani, a 3-tailed feminine fox at age 12, and Grayous a clone version like Sonic, and is Kechi's boyfriend at age 18 (vice versa, parallel to Sonic loving Amy) Kechi herself is parallel to Amy, they both have families, which concludes that has nothing to do with the fact. Her enemy is Emperor a criminal mastermind of all evil legions that obey him and his plot is to resurrect "The Chaos Seed" a massive beast like alien born forth to bring Chaos on her world, its name is Obschuran.

ChaosRush Project: Entry 2

2011-08-27 17:37:29 by DarkXeo

I got some pics done based off this project I'm making, you can find them directly in
my art gallery starting off with the characters.

Project: ChaosRush

2011-08-25 19:12:59 by DarkXeo

A alternate dimension of the Sonic Universe, takes place on a planet called Mobius Theta, home to 17 year old hot female hedgehog named Kechi who lives among the humans which they find her a nuisance to be... not until a madman known as Dr. Xavier begins chasing her about something....

Project: Granite The Hedgehog

2009-09-11 19:02:16 by DarkXeo

XD! I can't wait until you guys see my flash submitted not in another 2 years, besides I don't have the
proper equipment yet, but when you see it submitted to watch. You will be begging for more, lol!

Project: Granite The Hedgehog